A Friendly Diet?

Once upon a time there was a young woman who saw the world in black and white, as many young women do.  Due to strong animal rights convictions, she became a vegetarian at a young age.  This diet suited her for a few years, though she cheated and ate meat a few times a year.  In time she became a strict vegan and discovered the joys of soy milk and soybean margarine.  She read only books which reinforced her belief that all she needed to do to remain healthy was avoid animal products.  Her friends rolled their eyes at her beliefs, yet loved her anyway and nicknamed her Stepha.  When they made vegan food that she could eat, they called it “stepha-friendly.”  Unfortunately, the vegan diet proved to be not very friendly to this young woman in the long term.  She developed irritable bowel problems and suffered from one infection after another, including chronic yeast.   She was plagued by allergies and asthma and had to take medication for both of these conditions year round.

Eventually as she grew older, Stepha began to expand her awareness and read books that challenged her beliefs.  She discovered the cookbook Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and spent several years implementing its advice.  She learned that animal foods are great sources of many essential vitamins and minerals.  She began to include animal products in her diet, especially when they could be obtained from humane farms.  Over time, she noticed positive changes in her health.  She learned that soy was not a healthy food, especially soy margarine.  She also found that the more real butter and pastured meat she consumed, the better she felt.  Several years later, she finds that her diet is truly stepha-friendly.  A diet based on raw or properly prepared whole foods, including plentiful animal fats has allowed her to thrive.  She now believes that there is no right diet for everyone and enjoys helping others to find their own friendly foods.  She is especially skilled at cooking for food allergies and special diets.

This blog is a place to share the wisdom gained from personal experience and the recipes created to truly nourish self, friends and family.


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