Moving Forward

Since I have the opposite of writer’s block (my mind is spilling over with ideas for things to write), I’ve decided it is time to re-visit (and perhaps re-invent) my blog.  My whole life has changed many times over since starting this little-used blog several years ago.  I’ll update more about that later.  For today, it is time to do a half-way catch up and finally publish an entry that I wrote over a year ago.  Interestingly, though my career has definitely taken a giant leap forward and my personal life is amazing as well, I still work on many of the same goals.  I still wish to have more money and time to invest in the things that matter to me.  At the same time, I do think that I have achieved the most important abundance, an abundance of happiness.  This happiness comes from within and was there long before my external circumstances changed for the better.

Here is where I was in November of 2011:

I haven’t written any new posts in quite some time.  This has been a year of great busy-ness combined with nurturing friendships and spiritual growth.  These are things that I struggle to balance well.  My job as deli manager is going well.  I have recently made several changes in order to help grow the department and also give myself an opportunity to work outside the department and develop some new skills.

Cooking for up to seven hours of every day was beginning to wear on my body and drain my creative energies.  Interestingly, during this year of cooking, I’ve gotten some clarity on my true calling.  As I cook away in my little deli kitchen, I continue to feel inspired to write.  Translating the thought into action, especially when I come home so tired every day, is not an easy task.  The low wage job that provides such lovely expired food does not help my energy level.  I’m wondering if perhaps I need to improve my diet beyond the things I can get for free.  Expired food may be priced right, but the energetic value of the food is certainly diminished by age.  Add to that the fact that much of the food, though organic and natural, is made up of empty carbohydrates.  My saving grace is still the milk I get every other week from a local farm.  I’ve made good milk a priority.  No matter how small my food budget, I will make room to support the farm that gives me such great food for health.

I still refer to the book Your Money or Your Life.  Doing so, I have to admit that I am not making a living.  I don’t want to admit that I am making a dying either.  I think I am somewhere in the middle.  Perhaps I am exactly where I am supposed to be, but I do find that the middle is a difficult place to be.  I am a fan of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra.  I’ve re-read it several times, attempting to attract abundance into my life.  Recently I discovered another self-helpy book that resonates even more deeply for me.  The Source of Miracles by Kathleen McGowan looks in depth at the meanings in The Lord’s Prayer.  Breaking the prayer down into seven steps with helpful references and affirmations, Kathleen shows us how to use the words of Jesus to bring peace, love and abundance to our own lives.  I have only read the book once.  My next step is to go back and re-read each section, answering the questions in each chapter to enhance my understanding.  I hope to write more about this process in the near future.  More than anything, I simply hope to write more.  The only way to follow my dream of becoming a writer is to write.  Right?

The Source of Miracles encourages us to focus on service.  I can definitely see my current job as service.  I help a local business that helps many people.  I get daily opportunities to express my love for others through my cooking and knowledge of natural foods.  It’s a fine place to start.


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