Fall Into Health Autumn Sale

Fall Into Health Autumn SaleDo you love learning about health?  Do you seek out e-books and online classes?  Do you love reading the latest health books and cookbooks?  Are you starting a new health journey to find your own body’s friendly foods and right exercise program?  Are you pregnant or trying to conceive?  Are you trying to reverse food allergies or an unhealthy relationship with food and calories?  Do you love discount coupons for healthy products?  You won’t believe the incredible value of this Fall into Health Bundle!

The 45 e-books alone (a $955 value) are perfect for curling up in your favorite chair on a cool fall or snowy winter day.  Add in the 15 exclusive podcasts, 3 online video classes, 2 meal plans, 2 magazines and 21 discount coupons!  The total value of this package is over $2000.  This week only, you can get the bundle for just $39.  See why I’m so excited?robin_konie_clutter_trap_thumb[1]

I’m personally using this package to jump start my own family’s health and well-being as we move into this new season.  For starters, I think a good de-cluttering is in order.  Thanks to Robin Konie, I’m well on my way to escaping The Clutter Trap that I set for myself when I moved into my husband’s house last year and attempted to combine my own clutter with his.  I’m excited about The Clutter Trap because it not only helps you be more organized but also helps you find and understand the reasons you personally hold onto stuff and offering tools to overcome your personal clutter style.  Robin uses a nice combination of research and humor to help you move forward toward the simpler life and easy-to-clean home that you desire.  This book is especially for those of you who follow my blog for the voluntary simplicity ideas.ann_marie_michaels_revesring_thumb[1]

Along with de-cluttering our home, my family could stand to do some work on healing food allergies.  Fortunately, Ann Marie Michaels (Cheeseslave) has written a cookbook to help you do just that.  With personal insight and over 350 of the high quality, real food recipes we’ve come to expect from this popular blogger, Reversing Food Allergies Cookbook is a treasure.  Her Reversing Food Allergies Class is also included in the bundle to help you get a good start.  I’m especially excited to try the numerous dinner recipes and the home-made beef jerky.

Even before we are done healing our food allergies, we can work to boost our metabolisms and become “food ninjas.”  Even though Matt Stone’s new book, Food Ninjas How to Raise Kids to be Lean, Mean Eating Machines, is about helping your kids, there is plenty in there to help adults as well.  You may find it especially useful if you struggle with food issues and slow metabolism.  I think Matt Stone is onto the reason that so many children of health food mommas are not as healthy as you would expect.  My own daughter passes only one of the food ninja tests.  She turned down a cookie this week in favor of chicken soup.  (That may just be because my healthy whole grain cookies don’t tempt her.)  We have work to do.  Better put, we have fun to do.  This book will help you make eating fun again.

Of course, I’m totally loving the homesteading and DIY books as well.  I could go on and on, but you’d probably much rather grab these books and start reading them yourself.  This week only!

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Here’s what’s included:

47 ebooks photo2 magazines 2 2 meal plans 3 video classes 15 podcasts 21 discount coupons

You know that I wouldn’t be sharing this unless I truly believed in it.  There are only a few days left of this special offer.  I know you will regret it if you let this opportunity pass you by.

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