Giving Opportunity: Clean Water for Cambodia

Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received for the holidays weren’t things.  They were donations made to charity.  A couple of goats for a family in need, clothing for homeless children and even something as simple as clean water can go a long way toward helping to alleviate suffering and making the world a better place.   That’s why I am so excited to share this opportunity with you.  Village Green Network is donating 100% of the money raised to project costs that will directly provide clean water to families in Cambodia.

Click here to donate now!

ImageVillage Green Network Charity Water 2013

Do you take clean water for granted?  Thirty-three percent of families in Cambodia do not have clean water for bathing, cooking or washing dishes.  Donate any amount between now and December 31st to help Village Green Network reach its goal of $50,000 to help bring fulfill this basic human need for families in Cambodia.  $65 is enough to provide one family with a BioSand Water Filter that will give them clean water for many years.

Click here to donate now.


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