About Stepha-Friendly

stepha friendly foodsHello, I’m Stepha-friendly.  I am a wife, mother, educator, activist, writer, traditional food cook, health coach and farmers’ market manager.  I have a seven-year-old daughter here on Earth and a baby boy in Heaven.

This blog is an ever-evolving exploration of creative cooking, budget shopping, values, personal growth, children’s health, career choices and local food.  I have used real food to overcome several health problems including gallstones, hypoglycemia, allergies, asthma and IBS.  I enjoy creating and sharing allergy-friendly recipes.  I also just plain love research and writing.  I’m currently training to become a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This blog is founded on the following beliefs, which come from a combination of research and personal experience:

1. There is no right diet that is perfect for everyone.

2. The Standard American Diet (SAD) based on processed foods is not right for anyone.

3. The low-fat hypothesis, which has become common dogma, is misled and actually detrimental to our health.

4. Real food can include full fat meat and dairy products, especially from pastured animals.

5. Fermentation is fun and important for optimum health.

6. Food is important, but it is not the only thing you need.  Attitude and stress also make a huge difference in overall health and well-being.  We all need healthy relationships, spirituality, exercise and meaningful work.


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